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This component of the CPTN website was developed to help CPTN members further their training through means of online technologies.

As this component of CPTN’s service develops you will be provided with a variety of online sources to help with your personal development and growth as a personal trainer. Likewise you will be exposed to various strategies and methods that are sure to inspire your business of personal training.



CPTN Video Training


The videos located in this section are an accompaniment to the

CPTN Art & Science of Personal Training course and manual

The videos demonstrate the form and technique execution for cardiovascular and resistance training exercises evaluated during the CPTN-CPT Practical Assessment.

To access the exercise videos, register here today with the  access code provided to you.

Don’t have an access code?  Contact education@cptn.com



The CPTN Business of Personal Training Series was developed specifically for personal trainers. The series of courses provide applicable knowledge to various aspects of your personal training business.

Start Successfully
In this self-study course you will learn what it takes to build a full personal training practice and run an efficient, successful business.

Course Objectives

  • Review the advantages and disadvantages of working in a gym, corporate and private setting;
  • Explain the accounting and taxation considerations;
  • Identify time management, organization skills and filing ideas for your business;
  • Evaluate future trends and opportunities that will exist in the future; and
  • Describe how to build your business vision.

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